[hcs-d] Self-nomination for President

Carl Jackson carl at hcs.harvard.edu
Sun Dec 4 13:27:41 EST 2011

Hey -discuss,

I wanted to get the ball rolling on board nominations by nominating myself for President.

We've had a pretty amusing year. Our last Datamatch was a great success, breaking all the records I know about. We moved all our servers from Converse to 1414 Mass Ave, and racked them... twice (Virgil is *heavy*). We've also done a bunch of good work keeping everything afloat: modulo a few out-of-disk errors, we haven't had a major web or mail outage in a long while.

That being said, there's a bunch of stuff that Really Ought To Be Done (tm). Our servers, while lovely and fantastic and wonderful, are getting old. I've been chatting with Jim Waldo (our new CTO and an all around chill guy), and it sounds like we might be able to get some sort of regular donation of hardware from him. I'd like to keep pushing at that. Finally, there are a ton of projects that have been on the back burner for much longer than they really should. I'd like to get at least pinauth, group mail (webmail / IMAP?), and web hosting into some sort of sane state this next year. Oh also, we might want to get paid by the Crimson one of these days.

If these goals align with your vision for the club, and if you think I've been at least passably competent this past year, I'd encourage you to vote for me for President this coming Wednesday.


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