[hcs-d] HBS + HCVP 3x3 Entrepreneurship Dinners, April 21

Brandon Liu bliu at college.harvard.edu
Sun Apr 17 01:30:23 EDT 2011

Hey HackHarvard!

Harvard College Venture Partners is working to connect entrepreneurs across
campus, and so we're pioneering 3x3 dinners between the college and the
business school. Three college students sit with three business students at
a nice restaurant (Grafton, Russell House, John Harvard, etc.), share latest
projects, chat about the latest startup news, talk business, and have a good
time! The HBS students are particularly excited to meet students that also
have a technical background, so they would love to meet and get to know many
of you.

This is a great opportunity if you want to meet other entrepreneurs with
more experience under their belt, and they're really excited to meet people
like you as well. Best of all, you get a really nice meal for *free*. :)

Apply here (for limited spots):

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