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HSMBB Presents its Spring Semester Symposium:
 Mental Machines
Friday, April 15th
3-5 PM
William James Hall Room 1
*Gourmet appetizers, Finale, and other desserts will be served*

How can we give intelligence, the defining quality that makes us
human, to a machine? Can we give a machine the abilities necessary for
it to function independently? And is this machine then conscious the
way we are? Join the Harvard Society of Mind, Brain, and Behavior in
our Spring Semester Symposium investigating the concept of Artificial
Intelligence with Professors Patrick Henry Winston (MIT), Boris Katz
(MIT), and Guven Guzeldere (Harvard)!

Professor Winston studies how vision, language, and motor faculties
account for intelligence, integrating work from several allied fields,
including not only Artificial Intelligence, but also Computer Science,
Systems Neuroscience, Cognitive Science, and Linguistics. He is a
member of the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence
Laboratory (CSAIL) and served as Director of the MIT Artificial
Intelligence Laboratory,  from 1972 to 1997. He is also chairman and
co-founder of Ascent Technology, Inc., a company that develops
products that solve complex resource-planning, resource-scheduling,
resource-allocation, and situation-assessment problems.

Professor Katz is a Principal Research Scientist at the MIT Computer
Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and head of the
Laboratory's InfoLab Group. His research interests include natural
language generation and understanding, machine learning and
intelligent information access. Over the last several years Boris Katz
has been developing the START natural language system that allows the
user to access various types of information using English.

Professsor Guzeldere is a Harvard Faculty member in the Philosophy
department. His areas of interest include Philosophy of Mind, History
and Philosophy of Psychology and Neuroscience, Cognitive Science,
Computation and Artificial Intelligence. He is a founder of Stanford
Electronic Humanities Review, a founding associate editor of Psyche:
An Interdisciplinary Journal of Research on Consciousness, and a
founding member of the Association for the Scientific Study of
Consciousness. He was a fellow at the Stanford Humanities Center
(1993-94), served as the academic coordinator for the Stanford
Symbolic Systems Program (1994-95), and as a research consultant at
the XEROX Palo Alto Research Center (1991-96). Güzeldere is affiliated
with Duke'sCenter for Cognitive Neuroscience.

Come join us for this exciting lecture series and discussion this Friday!

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