[hcs-d] F/T PHP Developer wanted for MassChallenge Winning Startup

Aubrie Rose Pagano aubrie.pagano at gmail.com
Wed Apr 13 14:51:12 EDT 2011

Posting for a friend; please forward on to anyone interested!


I'm the CEO of Abroad101. Here are some places you can learn more about
Abroad101 and me:

Abroad101 is growing extremely fast. We just hired our 5th full-time
employee and are seeking to hire our 6th, a PHP Internet Developer, ASAP.
Our system is build on Drupal but we're moving further and further towards
most of our new code being outside the system. We are capitalized enough to
be able to offer competitive salaries, but we are hoping to find someone who
wants to be an entrepreneur and believes in the company enough to want to
take 1/4-1/2 of salary in equity.

We're all about study abroad reviews. Our lead investors are two co-founders
of TripAdvisor, and we're dedicated to making a ton of money by making the
world a better place by helping all students find the most meaningful study
abroad experience.

We're a great team; we liken our corporate culture to a family, and we're
still at a point where we need to "grow the family", not just add firepower.
You'd be the second full-time engineer at the company. The other engineer,
Marc MacLeod, is a Tufts grad '10, and I'm the CTO, having graduated from
MIT in 2007.

Please get in touch with me at Adam at Abroad101.com with your resume and why
you're interested and if you have any questions for me off the bat.

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