[hcs-d] Hack Nights on TUESDAY night!

Brandon Liu bliu at college.harvard.edu
Tue Apr 12 00:40:17 EDT 2011

Hey everyone!

Just a reminder that our Hack Nights have moved from Wednesday nights
to *Tuesday
nights*. Come hang out with us on Tuesday night 9pm-2am in Maxwell-Dworkin!
As usual, there will be plenty of food, snacks, hacking, and great
conversations. Here's a wonderful testimonial by someone who attended last

"I have to say that HackHarvard was incredible. The people were genuinely
friendly, the ideas were fresh, and there was food! HackHarvard seems to
represent the Harvard I always thought I would find, but seems not to exist:
bright young minds working on exciting problems together at their own
initiative, bouncing ideas off each other just for the sheer joy of
thinking. God, I wish this kind of community existed in music, theater,
film, comedy, politics, art... any of the other fields here."

Hope to see you guys there!

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