[hcs-d] TALK: Programming the Memory Hierarchy with Sequoia (Mike Bauer from Stanford, Tuesday April 5h, 7:35 PM, Harvard MD G125)

Nicolas Pinto pinto at mit.edu
Sun Apr 3 19:11:48 EDT 2011

Title: Programming the Memory Hierarchy with Sequoia
Speaker:  Mike Bauer (Stanford)

Date: 4-5-2011
Time: 7:35 PM
Location: Harvard Maxwell Dworkin G125 (http://j.mp/eCgV66)

Harvard CS264 2011 Guest Lecture Series
"Massively Parallel Computing" Course
Host: Nicolas Pinto (Harvard, MIT)


Due to power concerns modern computer architectures have turned to
parallelism to make use of the additional transistors provided by
Moore's law.  Each new computer architecture will contain an order of
magnitude more computational units than the previous generation.  With
sufficient on-chip computational resources all but the most
compute-intensive applications will become bound by memory and
communication bandwidth.  In order to ensure efficient execution of
memory- and communication-bound programs, parallel programming
languages must be locality-aware to effectively utilize the complex
memory hierarchies of new architectures.  This talk will describe
Sequoia, a locality-aware parallel programming language for
programming deep memory hierarchies in a portable manner.  An
implementation of the Sequoia compiler and runtime systems will be
covered as well as case studies using Sequoia to program a variety of
memory hierarchies.

Speaker biography:

Michael Bauer is a third-year PhD student in the Department of
Computer Science at Stanford University and an NVIDIA Graduate Student
Nicolas Pinto, PhD

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