[hcs-d] Government wiretapping

Joe Zimmerman joe at hcs.harvard.edu
Tue Sep 28 14:57:32 EDT 2010

> I have to disagree with you here.  The technical conversation is
> essential -- the 'jobs' argument or 'innovation' argument is empty if
> it isn't backed by the reality of what the impact would be on the
> technology that drives that innovation and provides those jobs.  And
> this is a technical forum, not the letters page of the NYT or a policy
> brief for lawmakers' desks -- it's exactly the kind of place where
> that kind of technical conversation has a home.  So I don't think
> anyone should be shamed for carrying on that conversation.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think Josh was intending to shame
anyone; I interpreted "making the discussion about..." to mean "making the
public discussion about...", not "making our discussion about...". I
completely agree that we should discuss the technical aspects here, in depth
and loudly.

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