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There is no point in not doing this. For just about everyone this will  
only take a Saturday morning and a Sunday afternoon out your life, but  
you will get so much out of it. I am a terrible contest programmer and  
still have a ton of fun with the selection and first round of the ICPC.


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> Subject: [Cs-undergrads] HC3 Selection Contest Announcement

> Would you like to be on a Harvard ACM Programming Team, and possibly  
> travel to the March World Finals in Sharm el-Shiekh, Egypt?
> A competition will be held to determine Harvard Team members for the  
> 2010-2011 ACM Programming Contests.  The competition will be held:
>    Sunday, September 19, 2010 1-5PM, Maxwell-Dworkin Lobby
> We are choosing 2 of the 3 members for one team and all 3 members  
> for a second team.  Both teams will go by subway or taxi to the  
> regional preliminary contest in Boston on Oct 16, and the team that  
> does best there, if it does well enough, will go to the regional  
> contest on Nov 6.
> It is also possible that we may field a third or even a fourth team,  
> each with 3 members, this year.
> For more details see:
> www.seas.harvard.edu/hc3
> Practice facilities are available for use 24 hours a day: see web  
> site.
> If you plan to participate, please email to
> walton at seas.harvard.edu
> (be sure you use @seas and NOT @fas).
> If you later decide NOT to participate, please send another e-mail  
> so that we can estimate the number of participants accurately.
> -- The Harvard Computing Contest Club
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