[hcs-d] speed of Drupal site hosted on HCS

David J. Garcia dgarcia at fas.harvard.edu
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Do you mind if I ask what host Kirkland uses?


On Wed, Sep 1, 2010 at 11:24 PM, Jesse Cohen
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> I had this problem with the kirkland website. Drupal uses a ridiculous
> number of mysql queries to render a page - especially as you add more
> modules. Since hcs has separate sql servers its the network latency that
> kills the load time - going back and forth between the sql server and the
> web server several hundred times. To fix you can transition to a server that
> runs its own mysql db or you can fool around with memcached.
> Also you might benefit from installing the drupal's dev module. It'll tell
> you what parts are taking the longest to load, number of db queries etc...
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