[hcs-d] speed of Drupal site hosted on HCS

Rareş Pamfil rares.pamfil10 at college.harvard.edu
Wed Sep 1 23:36:57 EDT 2010

Sometimes Drupal (PHP+Mysql) runs very slow on HCS. Especially the admin
pages. http://hcs.harvard.edu/hra is also Drupal and runs just fine for
anonymous users who get the cached pages. When you log in it gets a little
slow, but it's acceptable. There is a module + hack that tells you how much
memory overhead and sql workload you get because of each module.

The site I built for eliot at http://eliot.harvard.edu is also Drupal but we
run it on a box of our own. 


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I was wondering if someone could help me with a Drupal site that I am
finishing. I am working on Winthrop House's new website and I have been
using a Drupal configuration. I checked for errors, did all the updates,
deleted unnecessary modules and it is still running really slow. A while
ago, it was running at normal speed, but I can't pinpoint when exactly it
started being slow. Anybody have any ideas as to why it could be so slow?
Does anyone know if this happens with any other Drupal site hosted by HCS?


All help would be greatly appreciated!!! 


Many Many Thanks,


David J Garcia
Harvard College Class of 2011
205 Winthrop House
Cambridge, MA 02138
Mobile: 201.424.6433

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