[hcs-d] How is OpenOffice?

Greg Price gprice at post.harvard.edu
Tue Nov 23 18:32:06 EST 2010

At Ksplice, my startup, most everyone runs Ubuntu or Debian and uses
OpenOffice for word processing -- except when we use LaTeX -- and for
presentations.  We've made a lot of presentations in the last two
years, including the pitches that won the MIT $100K entrepreneurship
competition and several others.  It works fine.

More generally, running Ubuntu after running Windows years ago, it's
awesome how quickly and messlessly I can install all kinds of good
software with an "apt-get install", and it's tremendously convenient
that all kinds of programs are amenable to the command line, so I can
do pipelines and use grep and run loops in the shell to get things

Most of all, for me it's very satisfying to know that no matter what I
may find wrong with the software I have, I have the option to dig as
deep as I please to figure it out, and even to fix it myself.  I
exercise that option much less often than some people I know, but even
when I don't it's very pleasant to look at something I don't 100% like
and know that if I decided I cared to fix it to suit me, I could do

So if that appeals to you too, I think you'll be very happy you switched.


On Tue, Nov 23, 2010 at 17:57, Brandon Liu <bliu at college.harvard.edu> wrote:
> Hey all you Linux users (or people who just don't use MS Office),
> I haven't used OpenOffice very much, and I'm curious how the experience
> has been. More generally, I've been thinking about switching over to
> Ubuntu, and I'm wondering how people have been managing their word
> processing and powerpoint presentations, because I've heard that
> OpenOffice does not work as well as MS Office. But perhaps I heard wrong?
> Brandon
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