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Lucia Mocz lmocz at college.harvard.edu
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My name is Lucia Mocz and I am on the staff for the Harvard College Math
Review and we are in need of a webmaster.  The position is a very low
time-commitment, and your name will be published in our journal as our
webmaster.  Our current website can be found at  http://thehcmr.org/.
Please let me know if you are interested in this position!  A little
informational blurb about HCMR can be found below.

Thank you!


The HCMR submission deadline is fast approaching!

You are invited to submit expository papers on any topic of
undergraduate mathematics, applied mathematics, statistics, short
articles detailing interesting results or problems, and original
problems in any mathematical subject. Papers written for courses,
tutorials, or fun are welcomed. 

To be eligible for publication, all submissions of articles, notes, and
problems must be received by Wednesday December 1st, 2010.

Submissions should be directed to  hcmr at hcs.harvard.edu
<mailto:hcmr at hcs.harvard.edu>  in .pdf. TeX formatting is preferred.
Check out our previous publications on  thehcmr.org
<http://thehcmr.org/> .

Email  rtesfaye at college.harvard.edu
<mailto:rtesfaye at college.harvard.edu>  if you have any questions.


Harvard College Mathematics Review
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