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Weina Scott wnscott11 at college.harvard.edu
Fri Dec 31 15:21:28 EST 2010

So question  - what's the advantage of using these PHP frameworks  
instead of pure PHP?


On Dec 31, 2010, at 4:34 AM, Lurie, Mark wrote:

> Hi all,
> This was helpful, thanks.  Has anyone used CodeIgniter?  I'd love to  
> hear what you thought if so.
> Thanks,
> Mark
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> I recommend Kohana 2.x, for being the most suited for rapid  
> development, and the best of the Rails-inspired PHP frameworks.  The  
> documentation can be a little wanting in certain areas, so it is  
> definitely for the more comfortable.  OTOH, the framework code is  
> very readable, in case you ever do need to find out how something is  
> doing its thing.  The ORM class, routing system, nested views and  
> cascading filesystem, once understood, are quite sweet.  It also  
> makes full use of the slickest parts of PHP5 like class autoloading  
> and __get()/__set().
> http://kohanaframework.org/ and for 2.x docs, http://docs.kohanaphp.com/
> I wouldn't recommend 3.x, since the group took it in certain  
> directions that grind at my heart.  (But don't take my word for it,  
> I might just be digging my feet in.)  You might want to cherry pick  
> some handy helpers from it that should have been in 2.x, like http://kohanaframework.org/guide/api/Arr#get 
>  .
> Kohana is quite capable of doing lots of AJAXy stuff.  For instance,  
> I used it to build http://quickfuseapps.com/ , which is heavy on the  
> AJAX and light on everything else.  Kohana strictly separates view  
> code so you should be able to edit it separately.
> Ted
> On Dec 26, 2010, at 7:06 PM, Olga Zinoveva wrote:
> Hey, everyone
> I am wondering if people here have experience using MVC frameworks  
> to build websites using PHP. I'd like to see if I could make use of  
> one for a project I'm working on. Here are a few details:
> 1. I am primarily interested in separating the presentation of the  
> site (HTML) from the logic, or back-end, so that design work can be  
> done completely separately in Dreamweaver without having to touch or  
> see the PHP. I've never used frameworks before at all (my knowledge  
> of web design is limited to CS50), so if I'm misunderstanding what I  
> need, please let me know!
> 2. I am working on the HCS servers (for now), so I'm not entirely  
> sure if arbitrary frameworks are supported
> 3. I need AJAX support
> 4. I am working with a few other people, all of whom are familiar  
> with PHP, but not Ruby or Python, so while I could consider RoR or  
> Django, I'm also concerned about the learning curve of getting  
> familiar with both a new language and a new framework, especially  
> since we're working with a deadline in mind (January 30)
> Please, let me know if you guys have any suggestions.
> Olga
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