[hcs-d] PHP frameworks

Olga Zinoveva zinoveva at fas.harvard.edu
Sun Dec 26 19:06:39 EST 2010

Hey, everyone

I am wondering if people here have experience using MVC frameworks to build
websites using PHP. I'd like to see if I could make use of one for a project
I'm working on. Here are a few details:

1. I am primarily interested in separating the presentation of the site
(HTML) from the logic, or back-end, so that design work can be done
completely separately in Dreamweaver without having to touch or see the PHP.
I've never used frameworks before at all (my knowledge of web design is
limited to CS50), so if I'm misunderstanding what I need, please let me
2. I am working on the HCS servers (for now), so I'm not entirely sure if
arbitrary frameworks are supported
3. I need AJAX support
4. I am working with a few other people, all of whom are familiar with PHP,
but not Ruby or Python, so while I could consider RoR or Django, I'm also
concerned about the learning curve of getting familiar with both a new
language and a new framework, especially since we're working with a deadline
in mind (January 30)

Please, let me know if you guys have any suggestions.

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