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Carolyn Kim carolynkim at college.harvard.edu
Wed Dec 22 17:52:27 EST 2010

Hey guys,

I have an HCS account but I can't log in to hcs.harvard.edu/msdn
When I enter my username and password, it says that I am a guest and
shows the login button. When I click the login button, I get this

	A system error has occurred, please click here
<mailto:msdnaa_softwarecenter at e-academy.com?subject=System%20Error%20on%
PM>  in order to report it and help us identify the problem better.

When reporting this error, please include the following: 

*	Your username 
*	Any products you may have added to your cart or purchased 
*	What did you last perform on the site prior to receiving this

Note: If you were in the middle of the order process, please log in to
your site and view your profile to ensure your order was completed. 

Please do not change the subject line as it contains important


The e-academy support team


Can anyone help?


Carolyn Kim

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