[hcs-d] Selling two old Macbook pros

Jim Danz danz at fas.harvard.edu
Wed Dec 15 16:27:32 EST 2010

Is there any way to use the machine that you can't charge?

On Wed, Dec 15, 2010 at 4:13 PM, Louis Evans <
louis.evans at college.harvard.edu> wrote:

> Anyone want to pick them up from me?
> 1 2003/2004 (can't remember) pro. Still in pretty good shape hard-drive
> wise etc. The port for the charger is busted, though, so you can't charge
> the laptop.
> 1 2008 ish pro that belonged to my brother. I think this one had some more
> hardware problems.
> If there are a bunch of bidders, we can do this best-offer style. However,
> I admit that I'm not that familiar with the market value of these machines,
> and so I'm more interested in figuring out a fair price to turn them over
> for, rather than a best price. If you're interested, let me know, and you
> can come check them out.
> There's also a bunch of miscellaneous really old PDA equipment and chargers
> and stuff that I'm looking to find a good home, dirt cheap.
> --Louis
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