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full-time software developer full-time job opportunity in ICT4D.

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Hi folks,

I'm pleased to announce that my company, Dimagi, is hiring.  If you are
looking for a job, or know any super-talented programmers that are trying to
get into ict4dev, Dimagi is a fantastic place to work.  The job description
is below.


Senior Engineer
at Dimagi
Charlestown, MA 02129

Dimagi is a socially-conscious technology company that helps organizations
deliver quality health care to urban and rural communities around the

Our primary clients are hospitals, NGOs, nonprofits, governments and
foundations. Our team of exceptional doctors, researches, and engineers
apply their experience in global health care delivery and technology
development to further personal and public health. We inhabit a fast-paced
environment with many small and large projects, supporting like-minded
groups across the globe to implement our technology and we strive to build
local capacity for our projects. To support these efforts, we lead several
open source communities in Electronic Health Records and Mobile Health to
make our technology accessible for current and future implementers.

We work on a broad range of issues, including strengthening community health
programs, electronic medical records, care coordination, and remote data
collection. We have projects in Zambia, Tanzania, Uganda, South Africa,
Ethiopia, India, Bangladesh, Senegal, Mexico, Nigeria, Kenya, Afghanistan
and the United States.

We are seeking a full-time programmer to join our core team in Boston and
lead or support development on multiple projects. The ideal candidate
prefers small organizations to large ones, multi-tasking to single-project
assignments, and enjoys travel and field work. Our developers share a
passion for rapid prototyping, design iteration, and focusing on making
things work in the field Depending on the specific skill set and preference,
the candidate would immediately focus on one of several potential roles:

- Core developer on a project to coordinate cancer care with various
domestic partners and systems for a NIH funded research project with Boston
Medical Center.
- Core developer on an open source J2ME mobile health application for
community health workers.
- Core developer on a C# based medical record system that is the national
HIV care system in Zambia and being piloted in Ethiopia.
- Core developer on a Python/Django based web application to help manage
community health programs.

Required Skills

- Excellent programming skills
- Excellent technical documentation
- Excellent communication skills
- Strong problem solving and debugging skills to troubleshoot complex
- Self-managed

Desired Skills

- Mobile development experience
- GUI design experience
- Providing mentorship for students and volunteers

Love your work.

At Dimagi, you will have tremendous freedom to pursue your own interests and
grow your skill set as well as make a real impact around the world. The
position is available immediately.

Please send your resume and cover letter to jobs at dimagi.com.

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