[hcs-d] Postfix/PIX Firewall

Zach Rait rait at fas.harvard.edu
Sun May 10 00:11:24 EDT 2009

Hi all --

This is probably a fairly naive question (which will be greeted with a
chorus of "why would you want to be running your own postfix server on the
FAS network?"), but I can't seem to get postfix (on my supposedly totally
un-firewalled machine with a static IP on the server VLAN) to be
world-accessible.  After configuring postfix, I'm able to netcat/telnet into
it at port 25 from the server itself and receive the proper header
response.  If I attempt to connect from any other IP, however, I get an odd
220 header that looks like this: 220 ****************************.  From
what I've read, this appears to be a problem with Cisco PIX firewalls
blocking the ESMTP command set.  I could in theory just rely on the standard
SMTP command set, but AFAIK, that would mean that I couldn't use SSL.  Does
anyone have any experience with this and any tips/advice?

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