[hcs-d] hackathon at SIPB, this Saturday 1 PM - ???

Greg Price price at MIT.EDU
Fri Jan 9 01:21:07 EST 2009

We'll be having a hackathon here at SIPB this Saturday, with an
eclectic and open set of projects in the spirit of IAP.  You're all
welcome to take the 1 bus fifteen minutes down to room 557 in MIT's
student center (*) and join us.  Starts at 1 PM, dinner included,
runs into the evening, come anytime.

Probably the most interesting projects for y'all will be

 - Invirt, beginning to play with installing it and committing the
   code changes that come up

 - Debian packaging and config packages, working through tabbott's
   excellent exercises with lots of people around to ask for help
   (even if you didn't come to the workshops.)

 - any other project to advance the state of computing

This would also be a good time to download the new alpha of Mailman 3:
and start playing around with it.  Barry Warsaw is explicitly
interested in feedback or patches to make major changes, HCS has
long had ideas for how Mailman could be better, and several people
around SIPB are interested in how Mailman could be better for us.
You could probably have a good discussion about what you find.

And of course, half the benefit of the hackathon is in hacking next to
other people, bouncing ideas off them and hearing what they're doing.
(Or do I mean the free food?)


PS - Some of you know this and are subscribed, but HCS has a way for
  you to get this sort of announcement directly from SIPB: the Mailman
  list sipb-incoming at hcs is subscribed to SIPB's main semi-public
  mailing lists sipb-office at mit and sipb at mit.  Ask jkroll or gdasher
  about what it gets, as they've been on it a long time.

(*) http://whereis.mit.edu/map-jpg?mapterms=W20

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From: Greg Price <price at MIT.EDU>
Subject: SIPB hackathon this Saturday at 1300
Date: Fri, 9 Jan 2009 00:48:49 -0500
To: sipb-office at mit.edu

It's IAP, so you probably all have more time than you know what to do
with.  Come spend some of it hacking on your favorite SIPB projects
this Saturday, in the SIPB office W20-557.  We'll start at 1:00 PM
and run into the evening; come for whatever part you can.

You're welcome to show up and hack on anything you like that furthers
the goals of the SIPB.  Some things that are likely to get worked on include:

* We'll be working on a new SIPB website.  It'll be a wiki, which we
  hope will help it keep up to date in the long term.  The core
  software will be set up before the hackathon, and we'll be writing
  stuff about SIPB, converting material from the old sites and the doc
  wiki into the new form, and styling it to look good.

* Invirt/XVM will be working on making itself more easily installable.
  Some folks from HCS may join us to work toward a deployment there.

* If you came to Evan Broder and Greg Price's Debian packaging
  workshops or if you missed them, you're welcome to show up to ask
  questions, get help with or work on the packaging exercises, or
  learn more about Debian or Debathena.
    [*] http://stuff.mit.edu/iap/2009/debian/

* jhamrick and some other folks will be hacking on a Zephyr bot called
  Dodona, intended to answer technical questions using an intuitive
  NLP interface.

* You can write documentation or pick up another project; some
  suggestions are at [1] and [2], or add an idea no one's thought of yet.
    [1] http://sipb.mit.edu/doc/
    [2] http://sipb.mit.edu/doc/wiki/ProjectIdeas

Any of these projects, or more, could use _your_ help, so show up and
jump in!  As at every hackathon, SIPB will provide snacks and dinner.

-- Greg Price and Nelson Elhage
SIPB Chair and Vice-Chair

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