[hcs-d] Debian packaging workshop

Greg Price price at MIT.EDU
Mon Jan 5 10:20:01 EST 2009

This week on Tuesday and Thursday, Evan Broder and I will be giving an
IAP class on Debian packaging (Tuesday, without me) and the
config-package-dev system for making Debian configuration packages
(Thursday), from 1:30-4PM in room 8-119 at MIT. (*)

Grant has packaged a lot of HCS's own software as Debian packages this
year, and Invirt uses Debian packages and config-package-dev
extensively.  If you want to maintain Grant's packages for HCS or work
on getting Invirt running at HCS and beyond, you should come to both
sessions if you can.

The classes will be very hands-on, so be sure to bring your laptop.

More details are available at http://stuff.mit.edu/iap/#debian .


(*) Room 8-119 is in Building 8 on the main campus of MIT.
Either the 1 bus or the Red Line will get you there in about 15

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