[hcs-d] Making a GUI

Joseph Barillari jdb at post.harvard.edu
Sun Dec 27 17:17:43 EST 2009

On Sun, Dec 27, 2009 at 10:59:15AM -1000, Zak Stone wrote:
> and I keep hoping the One True Solution will emerge, but I'm not aware
> of it yet. As others have mentioned, you could use Java, but Java is
> incredibly verbose, and I have used both Swing and SWT and don't wish

You can avoid the verbosity with Scala, which compiles down to Java
bytecodes. You can call any Java library from Scala, and
vice-versa. Scala also has a read-eval-print loop, which makes
exploring libraries _much_ easier. (You can get a REPL in pure Java
with BeanShell, but Java's verbosity makes it a pain to use.)

Jython also has a REPL and lets you call Java classes from a more
pleasant language --- Python. Python is far simpler than Scala, but I
suspect it will be slower due to interpreter overhead. For many use
cases, this will be irrelevant.

> to return. You could use one of the fancy new Adobe products (Flex?
> AIR?), but they are proprietary, which will eventually cause trouble
> one way or another. Then there are all sorts of open-source GUI 

I dislike proprietary systems as much as the next guy, but it's worth
noting that Adobe has open-sourced the command-line toolchain for
Flash/Flex. The client is still closed-source, though.


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