[hcs-d] Excel Text to Columns Issue

Jon Staff staff at fas.harvard.edu
Sun Apr 26 19:25:52 EDT 2009

Hi team hcs,

In my excel database I have a column of cells that contain full  =

addresses, with the address, city and country seperated by enter, but  =

contained in one cell, such as:

Librairie Descours 31 rue Auguste Comte
Lyon 69002
I am trying to do text to columns to split off the name of the  =

country only -- in this case France.  However, no matter what way I  =

set text to columns, it will only do the first line... so at best, I  =

can split it into, in this case:

Librarie   |    Descours    |  31  |   rue  |  Auguste   |  Comte

Or some variation thereof, but the second two lines of the address  =

don't reappear.

I have tried replacing all the country names with various symbols +  =

the country name ";France" or "=A2France" and tried to delimit by that  =

symbol, but still, no luck.

Any ideas?

Thanks so much,


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