[hcs-d] Collegiate StarCraft League Finals!

Christina J. Kelly cjkelly at fas.harvard.edu
Fri Apr 24 02:10:05 EDT 2009

Do you love StarCraft?  Do you not know what StarCraft is but want to see
two American university teams duke it out on a virtual battlefield for the
title of "Most Gosu North American University"?

The Collegiate StarLeague <http://www.cstarleague.org> will reach its
inaugural season finale this weekend with a battle between the two best
schools in the league!

Sunday April 26 -- 9pm EST 6pm PST - Live casting by Voice of eSports!
Details to come!

*University of Texas <vs> UC Berkeley*

[image: [image loading]]itzme_pete
[image: [image loading]]Zeko

[image: [image loading]]tiffany
[image: [image loading]]Yosh

[image: [image loading]]Quicklime / [image: [image loading]]chang-sta <
Vampire <http://www.teamliquid.net/tlpd/maps/154_Vampire>> [image: [image
loading]]SamBakZa / [image: [image loading]]ApotheosisX

[image: [image loading]]bub.rub <Rush Hour
[image: [image loading]]DeepOneTerror

Ace <Tau Cross <http://www.teamliquid.net/tlpd/maps/3_Tau%20Cross>> Ace

Courtesy of [pu]azndsh, Interviews to come from [UIUC]ywil
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