[hcs-d] Ethernet speed

Zach Rait rait at fas.harvard.edu
Wed Apr 22 02:48:23 EDT 2009

Maybe I've been living under a rock (or, more likely, only in Lamont), but I
could have sworn that dorm-room Ethernet was 10Base-T as a result of
purportedly "inadequate wiring."  Until recently, I had been clocking in at
a little under 8 Mb/s up/down when plugged in to the jack beside my desk.
In the past several days, however, my in-room speeds have jumped
dramatically (see http://www.speedtest.net/result/457545991.png).  Given the
lack of any news about network infrastructure/speed upgrades, I'm curious
whether this is just the consequence of some sort of maintenance upgrade for
Thayer or if faster Ethernet has landed everywhere.  Any reports?

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