[hcs-d] Mac text editor

Daniel W. Steinbrook dsteinbr at fas.harvard.edu
Tue Apr 21 23:54:22 EDT 2009

Keito Uchiyama wrote:
> Yep--gedit is absolutely amazing. Who would have thought it can act as a
> complete LaTeX environment?

In addition to gedit, I've used Kate, the KDE Advanced Text Editor,
primarily on FreeBSD, but it's available semi-natively on Macs these
days (not Cocoa, but not X11 anymore, either). I like its ability to
collapse blocks of code, a feature that is sorely missing from gedit. It
was wonderful in CS 51 for one particular feature: rainbow parentheses
highlighting for Scheme. Match the red outermost parentheses, orange one
level in, yellow ones within those, and so on. Brilliant.


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