[hcs-d] Request for feedback regarding login servers

Keito Uchiyama keito at cs.harvard.edu
Mon Apr 20 02:34:44 EDT 2009

Hi everyone,

As you might already know, HCS is currently in the midst of migrating to 
a cluster of new production machines. As part of that process, we are 
completely reconfiguring our login servers.

As we're starting afresh, we've put together a minimal list of software 
to install on these systems. So there's probably some functionality that 
you use today that isn't present yet on the new login servers. We're 
also pretty sure there's functionality you wish the current login 
servers had, but don't.

We're therefore asking for feedback on what packages you want installed 
on the new systems.

To see a list of software that's currently scheduled to be installed, 
and to provide your input, see this page on our wiki:



The HCS Systems Team

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