[hcs-d] Mac text editor

Keito Uchiyama keito at cs.harvard.edu
Sat Apr 18 16:54:18 EDT 2009

I don't want to start a "my text editor is better/bigger/[other  
adjective] than yours" discussion, but I have a question: what text  
editor do you recommend for Mac OS X?

I've been a TextWrangler user for a couple of years now, and overall  
I've been satisfied with it, except for its total lack of auto- 
indentation and other coding-related goodies you see in, say, Visual  
Studio or Xcode. However, a month ago, I stumbled across TextMate, and  
love its indentation, rich syntax highlighting, and extensibility. But  
I'm not totally happy with it, given its lack of tabs, a half-baked  
regular expression feature, and lack of full-width character support  
(can't type Japanese in it without going crazy).

So pray tell, what experiences have people on hcs-discuss had with  
text editors on Mac OS X?


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