[hcs-d] Important Service Announcement

Keito Uchiyama keito at hcs.harvard.edu
Wed Apr 1 20:00:50 EDT 2009

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                      April 1, 2009

Dear loyal HCS users,

Given the ensuing financial crisis and the increasing burden placed on 
our servers, the HCS board has decided to move to a tiered service 
model. We trust that this will ensure we can continue providing the 
reliable service student groups have come to expect for many years to 
come, as well as develop new features for your convenience.

The four tiers are:

== Basic (Free) ==
* 64 MB disk space on a tape drive (since we have no other reliable storage)
* 128 MB RAM
* Monthly bandwidth: 100 MB
* Ad-supported e-mail account (use of 'ed' utility for versatile mail 
* Web-based CGI scripts written in C and PHP
* MySQL database with maximum 10 tables

== Basic with Security Plus ($5/month) ==
* Same features as Basic
* PHP security features:
** Safe mode turned on, to be safe
** Magic Quotes on to prevent SQL injection
* Web-based CGI scripts written in Cyclone to prevent buffer overflows

== Silver ($10/month) ==
* 512 MB disk space
* 128 MB RAM
* Monthly bandwidth: 1 GB
* Ad-free e-mail account (use of 'mail' utility for advanced mail 
manipulation capabilities)
* Web-based CGI scripts written in C, PHP, and Ruby Without Rails
* Two MySQL databases with maximum 10 tables each
* All the security features of Basic with Security Plus (a $5/month value!)

== Ballistic ($50/month) ==
* 2 GB disk space standard
* Unlimited RAM
* Unlimited bandwidth
* E-mail account with use of 'pine' and forwarding
* Web-based CGI scripts written in C, PHP, Python, and Perl, and more
* Unlimited MySQL databases with unlimited tables
* Advanced security features
* 24/7 e-mail and weekly walk-in support provided by group of Ivy League 

This service change takes effect 11:59 PM today. Users who wish to 
upgrade may send us a check with the appropriate amount for the first 
month. Users who do not upgrade will be transitioned to the 'basic' 
account automatically, and files that exceed the Basic quota will then 
be destroyed randomly.

To check which tier you are on, log in to your HCS account and issue the 
'groups' command.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask on this list.


The Harvard Computer Society Board

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