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Re: Zimbra
Stanford (where my wife is a post-doc) recently switched to Zimbra, though, as I understand it, it was a customized thing that Zimbra did in order to get Stanford as a marquee account (no question they'd do the same for Harvard). Either way, it's a nicely done mail system -- about 600x times better than the excuse for a product they had before (Oracle, I think, but to give Oracle the benefit of the doubt, maybe it was an old version).

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Ivan, you're right that indexing would have to be stored locally, but
what's wrong with storing an index separate from the content? Isn't
this what search providers do for the web, where the web is the actual
content and the index is stored at, say, Google? I admit that I don't
know anything about index algorithms, but I thought that you can store
an update-able index in less space than the content itself, while
still providing full text search capabilities (e.g. inverted index).
Although a valid concern is that this would lack certain features such
as message previews in search results, but afaik the current system
does not provide this either.

Actually, the package I did use and discard was roundcube, but I'll
have to take a look at Zimbra, it looks promising.


On Thu, Oct 30, 2008 at 3:31 PM, Kevin Chen <kchen at mit.edu> wrote:
> On Thu, 30 Oct 2008, Bruno Afonso wrote:
>> I like mit's style and fas does the same for grad students. We get to
>> chose what we want if I recall correctly when I registered. But it has
>> its drawbacks. For college, I personally think it's more irrelevant
>> than it is for grad schools. Do college students tend to use their
>> official college emails at all afterwards?
> Some do.  There are certainly many people who continue using their @mit.edu
> accounts (in the cases where they are able to keep their account).  I've
> also seen many others use their @alum.mit.edu account (which is only a
> forwarding address).
> But MIT might be an exception.
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