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Bruno Afonso bafonso at gmail.com
Thu Oct 30 01:10:48 EDT 2008

Hey guys,

I've met with some of the persons from FAS IT involved in this switch.
This was regarding changing gsas student's to the new system.

Some thoughts on this:

- harvard would never be able to give to their students 5gig emails
anytime in the near future. outsourcing would be the only way.

- I agree that the name schema is not perfect. But, there's no perfect
one. I'm not defending this particular one, i'm just trying to make
you guys think in reasonable terms. Arbitrary names have several
issues actually, first and foremost people getting important and
confidential information sent to others because someone now is
re-using the email. I know several MIT'ers that have had this happen
to them.

The idea is to avoid email re-usage altogether as far as I know. They
don't want that. Arbitrary names would involve that. Now, you will
have several options. I think it also contemplates first letter and
last name. The user can change between several options at registration
I think.

Gmail has several legal problems and that's a gmail option killer as
far as I know. Microsoft live was also contemplated at a point in
time. I have not personally used the new system as it will only be a
pilot system for grad students in some months I believe.

People that want to use web page storage quirk will have to use the
older system probably with the newly centralized auth system that is
being made. Also, it will not be as publicized. Honestly, think of the
bigger picture. how many students even use anything else besides
webmail? very very few. Those can get some features they want if they
ask for it.

I'm glad harvard will be giving grad students decent inbox size email
w/ imap access instead of the current system. for 95% of the grad
students (and I bet undergrad) it won't make any difference.

At any rate, if you feel that you need to improve the system, now is
the time to speak to FAS IT as they're still on pilot trials, etc.


Bruno Afonso
http://brunoafonso.com (personal, mostly portuguese)
http://openwetware.org/wiki/User:BrunoAfonso (Professional, english)

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