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Michelle Bentivegna mbent at mit.edu
Sat Oct 25 19:18:33 EDT 2008


is a two-day long teaching event run by the Educational Studies
Program, an MIT student group. Last year, about 250 people taught
almost 400 classes. We are looking for more teachers, and hope that
some Harvard students might be interested in participating.

I know this is a shot in the dark, but I've included
some informationabout what we're looking for. The MIT Educational
Studies Program aims get middle school and high school students
interested in learning by offerings a wide variety of classes. We're
not looking for experienced teachers - just people who like teaching
and are passionate enough about a topic to teach on it.

Splash is an enormous collection of classes taught on the Saturday
(11/22) and Sunday (11/23) before Thanksgiving - 20 hours in total. As
a teacher for Splash, you can test the waters with as little as one
hour of instruction, or jump in head-first with several. You can teach
the same topic in several different sessions to get exposure to the
greatest number of students. You can teach several different subjects
at separate times, too. You can also just help with the amazing
experience that is Splash weekend without teaching anything - we're
always looking for administrators and volunteers to help us coordinate
this large event.

Classes can really be on anything you want (within the boundaries of
propriety and taste =96 but those are negotiable=85) In the past, we've
offered classes on topics ranging from number theory to military
theory to duct tape construction. For a full list of past classes,
look at our class archives, which are on our website,

Visit esp.mit.edu
 to learn more and sign up to teach your classes. And you're always
welcome at our meetings: Tuesdays at 7PM in the ESP office (MIT
student center, room W20-467).


Michelle Bentivegna
ESP Administrator
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