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Subject: Re: InfoTeach
Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2008 14:51:16 -0700
From: Kunal Agarwal <kunal at infotechoutreach.org>
To: Tim Hsieh <thsieh at fas.harvard.edu>

Infotech Outreach is an international non-profit volunteer
organization whose purpose is to increase computer literacy. Our goal
is to teach senior citizens to effectively use computers and expand
their world, to reach out to underprivileged children worldwide, to
train the next generation to become computer literate, and to give
high school students the platform to share their technological
knowledge and inspire them through community involvement and making a
We have recently opened up centers in the Silicon Valley and NYC
areas, and we are looking to open more. This program involves
one-to-one tutoring and is a continuous volunteer effort. It isn't a
one time event, instead lasting the entire year. However the
commitment can be varied from 1-2 times a month with around 1-2 hours
each session depending on preference. We are looking for interested
people who wish to help expand this great organization in universities
in addition to our previous high school base.
Infotech's positions tier system is very simple: there is a
 - Tech Ambassador, the leader of the senior center.
 - Tech Volunteer, a volunteer of a center.
 - Area Ambassador, usually the first person to start a center in the area.
For more information please contact kunal at infotechoutreach.org or
forward emails to thsieh at fas.harvard.edu.
We recommend that you check out our setup manual
Please visit our website at infotechoutreach.org
  -    Kunal

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