[hcs-d] Moving Machines, Old and New: This Friday!

Joshua Kroll jkroll at hcs.harvard.edu
Wed Jul 30 15:28:16 EDT 2008

If you'll be around campus this Friday after 1PM, the systems team
will be hard at work moving and setting up the servers that run HCS
and we'd love for anyone to join in the fun. It's a great way for you
to get involved in HCS (and in particular with the systems team) even
if you've never touched a computer before. So if you've been on the
fence, now's your chance.

First, we'll be shutting down all of our production servers, moving
them to our office in Hilles, and bringing them all back up. If you'd
like to see our servers, our office, the Science Center's
ante-pink-elephant room, or a very large amount of important-looking
network cable, this might be for you. Plus, you'll gain the experience
of participating in a highly disciplined operation where success is
measured in speed and minutes really matter. And you'll learn some of
the intricacies of server operations.

Perhaps more exciting though, is what we'll be doing
afterwards. Around 3:00PM or just after, we'll be setting up our
brand-new very shiny machines so that we can do development on them in
August with an eye towards deployment near the beginning of
school. We'll be unpacking the machines from their very large boxes,
trying to figure out why Sun sent us so many cables (and how to fit
these into a cable management arm), and if we're lucky we'll even turn
some of them on. If you like new computers, shiny things, blinking
lights, noise, seeing the inside of the EECS research machine room, or
just enjoy lifting heavy objects (one of our new machines weighs about
165 pounds!), feel free to join us.

If you're interested in either of the above, please let me know (even
if it's on Friday afternoon). I'll follow up with exact details about
where you can expect to find people and when.

Hope you're enjoying your summer!


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