[hcs-d] Developer Meeting Today (Take 2)

Joshua Kroll jkroll at hcs.harvard.edu
Thu Jul 10 18:52:48 EDT 2008

I realize that this is short notice, but we (the Systems team) will
have another meeting of developers today to discuss some of the summer
projects we've been working on. The meeting will again be at 8:30
EDT/5:30 PDT and will happen entirely remotely. If you want to come,
just let me know and I'll give you details on joining up. Again, no
experience is required to participate, so if you're interested in
learning about building real computer systems that get used by
thousands of people every day this is a great place to get
involved. We have jobs ranging from the very simple to the extremely

Our agenda, courtesy of Grant, will include:
1. Discuss Vivek's (new) new Mailman UI
2. Work through converting Vivek's code all into python.
3. Discuss storing a list of mailing list owners efficiently (so that
we can give extra features to mailing lists owned by student group
4. Discuss some other major likely projects, and who will take them on:
   A) Making hcs-pkg updates work and work well
   B) Mailman archive search which respects user privacy
   C) A subversion repository interface open to everyone with Harvard
credentials (or at least FAS credentials)
   D) Ticket tracking queue services for student groups
5. Discuss LDAP Vhosting (so users can have external DNS names without
our intervention and so we can have better internal (under
hcs.harvard.edu) names). Specifically this will involve a technical
discussion of avoiding extraneous webserver load.
6. Discuss server hosting status (we're looking for datacenter space)
7. Discuss a release-based model for our new systems and how to build it.
8. Generating ideas for other possible projects that could be fun and
useful, like Harvard-specific VoIP or even IM routing or video/TV
delivery over ethernet. Crazy ideas welcome.


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