[hcs-d] Fwd: New Harvard ID Card Announcement

Joshua Kroll jkroll at fas.harvard.edu
Wed Jul 9 23:29:38 EDT 2008

This seems worth a discussion. Notably, I'm guessing these use some
sort of pseudo-secret easy-to-cryptanalyze cipher like most cards of
their ilk. Still, I suppose attacks aren't quite as point-and-click as
we observed with the last design. Of course, if they're retaining the
legacy magstripe then they're just carrying forward old risks.

Any thoughts?


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From: FAS Physical Resources and Planning <phys-res at fas.harvard.edu>
Date: Tue, Jul 8, 2008 at 11:53 AM
Subject: New Harvard ID Card Announcement
To: jkroll at fas.harvard.edu

To the FAS Residential Community:

Starting this fall, all FAS Residential community members and those
who have a need to access FAS Residential facilities will receive a
new Harvard Identification (ID) card. Current students, faculty and
staff who have residential access will receive their replacement cards
between the weeks of July 21st and September 7th, 2008.

The new Harvard ID card utilizes state-of-the-art technology, known as
a contactless Smartcard.  The contactless feature no longer requires
the card to be "swiped" through card readers for building access and
instead only requires the card to be in close proximity to a reader to
gain building access.  The magnetic stripe will remain on the card to
allow for continued access to non-residential facilities and other
business services.  Users will notice a second thinner magnetic stripe
at the bottom of the ID card; this additional magnetic stripe is for
future uses on campus.

Users will receive additional information about the capabilities and
features of the new contactless card in the coming weeks, along with
instructions on where to go to get your new card.


FAS Physical Resources

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