[hcs-d] Inexpensive Laser Printer

Peter Ganong ganong at fas.harvard.edu
Fri Feb 29 14:28:57 EST 2008

I have a Brother HL-2040 printer which is not working perfectly and I  
would be willing to sell inexpensively. $40 obo

After 3 months of good printing, the print quality got worse. It  
currently has non-OEM cartridge and toner in it. It is still under  
the 1 year warranty, so I bet that if you swapped in OEM cartridge  
and toner that they would repair it if it still didn't work. At  
least, that's the impression that I got on the phone when I talked to  

So, just to be clear, I'm offering this for cheap because I don't  
*know* if it will end up working or if Brother will honor the  
warranty (I'd be happy to give you the serial number to call and talk  
to them again before you guy), but the semester has gotten too crazy  
for me to deal with fixing it.

--Peter Ganong
Adams B-11

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