[hcs-d] hcs-announce

Joshua Kroll jkroll at fas.harvard.edu
Thu Feb 28 22:36:04 EST 2008

So here's the deal.

I'm tired of cross posting announcements to hcs-announce and
hcs-discuss. As a result, I'm subscribing everyone on hcs-discuss to
hcs-announce. This is more for your information - you won't get any
more e-mail (you were getting all of the e-mail before, since I was
cross posting it). Hopefully, this means we can treat the lists more
as they were intended to be treated: -announce is a push-type,
moderated list while -discuss is an open forum for people to have
discussions, post events of interest, rant about bad wireless access
or oddities of the MySQL isam engine, etc.

Something like half of this list is already on hcs-announce. You can
look forward to fewer duplicated e-mails.


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