[hcs-d] SOCH Open House/Winter Recruiting Fair

Joshua Kroll jkroll at fas.harvard.edu
Mon Feb 18 23:01:14 EST 2008

There's an event in the SOCH tomorrow for winter recruiting from 8-9.
You should come, since there have been promises of abundant free food
and t-shirts (that say SOCH, not HCS, I'm afraid). You should also
come so that we have lots of people, which will make recruiting more
people much easier. The office is clean, there's space for laptops so
you can do your homework, and I'll be playing with the XO laptops.

The fair will also provide us with an opportunity to do some outreach
to other groups and find out what sorts of events/projects people
might find useful or interesting in the future.

Finally, don't forget about the other activities this week:
(Normal) Office Hours, Wednesday 8-10
Facebook Tech Talk, Thursday 5:30, MD G115.


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