[hcs-d] Save These Dates! Berkman Center's 10th Anniversary

Amar Ashar ashar at cyber.law.harvard.edu
Mon Feb 11 13:28:11 EST 2008

Dear HCSers,

The Berkman Center for Internet & Society is hosting some stellar events 
in the upcoming months - as part of the Berkman Center's 10th 
Anniversary Celebration - and we truly hope that you'll be able to join 
us as we  look forward to the next 10 years of pioneering and studying 
the internet.

There's lots of cool talks and other events - including a visit to HLS 
by Larry Lessig - which we hope you can make it to! Please feel free to 
forward this information along, as well. More info on all of this is 
located here: http://cyber.law.harvard.edu/home/events


* February 12: The Berkman Center Spring Open House at 7PM in Pound 101, 
Reception to follow at Berkman's offices at 8PM

* February 28: Clay Shirky on his new book, "Here Comes Everybody: The 
Power of Organizing Without Organizations" (Evening talk)

* March 11: A Forum Event at the Kennedy School of Government Institute 
of Politics on Youth, Politics, and Civic Engagement (Late 

* March 14: Berkman Book Release: "Access Denied: The Practice and 
Policy of Global Internet Filtering", a publication of the OpenNet 
Initiative (Late afternoon/evening)

* March 17: A Luncheon on Open Access with Peter Suber

* March 20: Lisa Stone, Founder of BlogHer and Former Nieman Fellow, 
topic TBD (Late afternoon/evening)

* April 4: Larry Lessig, Founder of Creative Commons and Professor at 
Stanford Law School, topic TBD (Late afternoon/evening)

* April 11: Berkman Book Release: (in New York, NY) "The Future of the 
Internet - And How to Stop It", by Jonathan Zittrain / with NYC Reception

* April 18: Berkman Book Release: (in Boston/Cambridge, MA) "The Future 
of the Internet - And How to Stop It", by Jonathan Zittrain (Late 

* May 15-16: The Berkman Center's 10th Anniversary Gala and Conference 

*All events are free and open to the public*, except for the Berkman @ 
10 Conference and Gala, on May 15-16, which we are collecting 
registration fees in order to cover the costs.

Invite your friends, students, colleagues, co-workers, fellow faculty, 
research assistants, interns, family, and others to celebrate and 
collaborate with us. Please don't hesitate to forward this email on or 
contact Catherine Bracy (cbracy at cyber.law.harvard.edu) or Amar Ashar 
(ashar at cyber.law.harvard.edu) for questions.

These events will take place on the campus at Harvard Law School unless 
otherwise noted, with more information on time, venue, and topic posted 
on the events page (http://cyber.law.harvard.edu/home/events).

= = =

Other events of note in the upcoming months, with more to be added!

* February 11: Web of Ideas with David Weinberger and Special Guest 
Musician Brad Sucks @ 7PM
* February 12: Berkman Luncheon Series: Ioannis (Yannis) Miaoulis, 
President of the Museum of Science Boston @ 12:30pm
* February 16-17: Women in Technology Conference at Harvard University
* February 19: Cyberscholars @ MIT, details TBD
* February 19: Berkman Luncheon Series: Lewis Hyde, Berkman Fellow, on 
"The Pros and Cons of an 'Educational Fair Use' Project"
* February 26: Berkman Luncheon Series: Alex Heffner, talking about the 
online newspaper Scoop08
* March 11: Berkman Luncheon Series: Bakhtiar Mikhak of the MIT Media 
Lab @ 12:30pm
* March 12: Cyberscholars @ Berkman
* March 27-28: Media Re:public Assessing the State of Participatory 
Media: Conference at the Annenberg School for Communication, USC
* April 1: Berkman Luncheon Series: Allison Fine, Author of "Igniting 
Social Change"
* April 8: Berkman Luncheon Series: Steve Ward of the Oxford Internet 
* April 15: Berkman Luncheon Series: Rachel Lyon of Lyoness Media on 
Race and the Internet
* April 22: Berkman Luncheon Series: Tracy Mitrano, Director of IT 
Policy at Cornell University
* April 25-26: ROFLcon
* April 29: Berkman Luncheon Series: Citizen Media Law Project

Details for all these events can be found here: 

Many Thanks,
The Berkman at 10 Team

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