[hcs-d] Office Hours Tonight!

Joshua Kroll jkroll at fas.harvard.edu
Wed Feb 6 17:44:43 EST 2008

Just a reminder that we have office hours tonight from 8-10 PM in SOCH 307
as usual. Some of the exciting things up for tonight:

-We'll be finalizing the Datamatch quiz and setting the Datamatch site live
and testing it. We'll announce that it's up tomorrow morning. We'll also
work on Datamatch publicity such as press releases and posters.
-The UC bought us 4.5 T of disks recently. They have arrived. We will marvel
at them (for they are in shiny cases) and we will finish the spec for the
machine they'll be put in.
-We are now borrowing 3 B2 XO laptops (i.e. from the OLPC project) from HT
Kung's lab. Prabhas is working on an event using the laptops later this
month in which people can actually start coding for them. Stay tuned. In the
meantime, we'll marvel at them and consider whether we should flash their
software (which currently has no GUI) to the latest version they'll support.
Eventually, we'll have a project large enough to justify asking OLPC for
some laptops of our own. And this is good, since HT Kung wants them back in
a few months.
-We'll discuss some cool new features going in to systems (notably a package
manager for things like wikis and calendars). In particular, we'll discuss
some security issues that need to be resolved before we set this stuff live.
-We'll discuss the possibility of arranging tours of various NOCs in
Cambridge (notably, the one at UIS).
-Zak Stone, CS tutor in Quincy, might come just for fun.

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