[hcs-d] print in linux to house printer

Martey Dodoo martey at gmail.com
Tue Sep 19 23:55:27 EDT 2006

Hi Quang,

Did you see the Papercut installer on the Software Download page? You
should be able to use it to print to any FAS printer.

I have noticed that there is a defunct HCS-Linux mailing list, so I
took the liberty of CC'ing this message to it. I think it would be a
great thing to get this list going again.

On 9/19/06, Quang Duong <qduong at fas.harvard.edu> wrote:
>  Hi,
>  I am new to the list, so forgive me if I ask a redundant question: do
> you know how to set up your linux machine to print to the house printer?
> There isn't any instruction for linux on the computing website.
>  I tried ssh to my account on fas, lpr -P 'house-printer-name'
> 'document' ... it didn't work: no printer found. Pretty sure that I got
> the 'house-printer-name' right.
>  THanks.
>  Quang
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Martey Dodoo

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