[hcs-d] Hilles Office, Office Hours

Steven Michael Melendez melend at fas.harvard.edu
Mon Sep 18 09:33:14 EDT 2006

Maanit and I moved into the Hilles office today. It is a little larger 
than the Thayer office and generally very nice.

They are going to set up swipe access to the rooms within in the next two 
weeks - Paul M. neglected to bring the ID forms, so I didn't submit any ID 
numbers yet. In the meantime, everyone has swipe access to the building 
and the office can be accessed with a 4 digit passcode which I'll give to 
anyone who needs it.

We should hold office hours soon. I will look into reserving a science 
center room for next Monday, 8-10. The Hilles office is very nice but its 
remoteness will scare away the freshmen.


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