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> the undergraduate computing group, the Tech Commons,

These are the clowns that wanted us to hand out (very glossy) flyers
for them at the activities fair.



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Date: Sep 12, 2006 6:31 PM
Subject: Request for help in finding Web Designers and Database managers (fwd)
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> Iraq is currently in the midst of a growing humanitarian disaster, in many
> ways due to the woefully unprepared and under-equipped reconstruction
> effort. We are a group of Harvard, Stanford, and West Point students hoping
> to create a network that facilitates existing US civilian efforts to more
> fully assist US soldiers in Iraq's reconstruction process. In particular, we
> hope to create a website, supported by a functioning delivery network, where
> US soldiers can make requests for particular resources that the Iraqi
> populations they interact with are lacking, and where civilian groups can
> make publicly visible commitments to meeting those requests. By doing so, we
> hope to not only channel resources from exactly where they are most
> available in the US to exactly where they are most needed in Iraq, but also
> make it far more enticing (in terms of reputation-building) for groups to
> assist with the reconstruction.
> In order to create this website, however, we need two kinds of help:
> 1) WEBSITE DEVELOPER: Someone with experience and great skill in creating
> web applications. In particular, we need someone with knowledge of HTML,
> C/C++/C#, and preferably a background in .NET development. We also need
> someone who will be willing to commit a significant amount of time to
> designing the website--on the order of 4-5 hours a day--as we are trying to
> have the website ready by Thanksgiving.
> 2) GRAPHICS DESIGNER: Someone with experience in graphics design and in
> order to create an attractive user interface. This person will also need to
> be willing to commit a significant amount of time--4 to 5 hours a day--to
> designing the website, for the reasons mentioned above.
> *In return for doing this work, we offer the following benefits:*
> given to us over forty thousand dollars worth of powerful labor-saving web
> design equipment that it usually markets to large corporations for use in a
> wide variety of applications. The learning curve may be steep, but
> Microsoft, as well as the undergraduate computing group, the Tech Commons,
> has offered to provide mentoring and assistance for whoever takes on the web
> design job.
> 2) TAKE A PROMINENT POSITION: Whoever is in charge of designing the
> website by Thanksgiving will be a Vice President in our organization and
> have a powerful say in every decision being made.
> 3) BUILD YOUR NETWORKS: Meet resourceful and energetic entrepreneurs from
> around the country interested in innovative ways to apply information
> technology.
> 4) GROOM YOUR RESUME: If you get this site working, you will have a clear
> piece of powerful functioning work to show potential employers.
> 4) APPLY YOUR CS SKILLS TO A REAL WORLD CAUSE: Tired of theory? Tired of
> problem sets? Here is a clear way to use the tools you have learned to make
> a powerful and beneficial impact on the world, potentially revolutionizing
> the way in which the reconstruction process in Iraq works.
> For more information, please contact Tin-Yun Ho at tho at fas.harvard.edu or
> at (408) 823-6113. If you are interested in applying for the job, please be
> prepared to send a resume as well as provide samples of previous work. If
> you are interested in joining non-technical staff, please feel free to
> contact us as well!
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