[hcs-d] Hilles Office Application Draft

Cassia Ines Faria Martin cimartin at hcs.harvard.edu
Thu Feb 16 19:18:55 EST 2006

On Thu, 16 Feb 2006, Steven Michael Melendez wrote:
> 13. Is your organization interested in sharing an office with other
> organizations?
> ...
> c. [? - Who would we share with? It's hard to believe nobody gets a single
> office...]
> 24. Please describe your rationale for your organization's selected
> privacy level. (limit 200 words).

I think it's important to tell the administration about HCS's unique needs 
for physical security.  It's not that we want selfishly want more space 
than other groups.  Its that we really, truly need to have complete 
control over who can go near the main servers.

Other organizations have approached us about sharing space before, and it 
would make sense, usually.  But people with HCS office keys are generally 
trained and vetted. Strangers can cause harm, either by being physically 
careless or having malicious intent, that will effect all other Harvard 

So, make sure the administration knows that.


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