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We should have her as a write-in contributor for next year's Datamatch

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As a senior who has seen 3 years of indy sex surveys, I am quite
disappointed by this year's incarnation of a harvard classic.

I was immediately put off by the fact that my concentration, Classics,
was lumped in a category with Folklore and Mythology on the drop-down
menu.  Not long ago, (perhaps only two years back?) Classics was listed
as one of the most sexually active departments at Harvard.

Also: In previous years, the focus seems to have been on frequency of
sex in various cohorts at Harvard (houses, freshmen dorms, etc.).
Although they asked about frequency of masturbation, this year, the Indy
completely overlooked sex.  What will Lowell brag about on lottery day
if its profligate promiscuity has not been confirmed by the rigorous
journalism of the Harvard Indy?

Finally, the two Harvey Mansfield questions were a bit unnecessary.  ("I
would like Harvey Mansfield to fuck me...": choose Hard, Really Hard, or
To Death; "Does Harvey Mansfield have the biggest penis ever?" only one
option given: yes.)  I do not know what Harvey Mansfield looks like.

I understand that the Indy sex survey is not meant to be a serious bit
of research, but next year, don't hire the guys who write jokes for

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