[hcs-d] Hilles Office

Steven Michael Melendez melend at fas.harvard.edu
Fri Apr 14 14:56:01 EDT 2006

Paul M. was just here, and it sounds like our office will be smaller than
the current space. They seemed apprehensive about being able to fit our
couch and all of our computers in the new space.

It does sound like they would be able to give us a summer space which we
would have access to during business hours, plus the ability to call for
emergency access. They seemed willing to work with us to minimize server

It seems like our office is going to be more of a work space than a place
to hold office hours, or even a place to store and work on the servers.
So, we should probably continue our search for a new place to put the
machines, and a new place to hold office hours.

I am going to email Erin N./Larry L. now, regarding that goal.


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