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Thu Apr 6 14:36:30 EDT 2006

We need to figure out which furniture we want moved to Hilles and, it
seems, reiterate our request for summer office space/access.


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Date: Thu, 06 Apr 2006 13:19:44 -0400
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Subject: IMPORTANT! - office move instructions

Dear Student Group leaders,

In less than two weeks we will be announcing to student groups their new
locations in the Student Organization Center at Hilles or the
Yard.  Regardless of where your organization will be next year, you will be
required to pack your office this spring in preparation for renovations to
the Yard basements.  *No* group will be staying in their current
office.  So, I need some following information from you to provide to our
relocation consultant Foxx Corp.

The deadline to provide me with the following information is one week from
today, Thursday, April 13th.  Because of the timeline for these projects, I
cannot extend this deadline.

In addition to submitting this information to me, the move consultant and I
will walk around to student group offices next Friday April 14th to take an
inventory and to provide you with a detailed moving manual.  Each student
group must have a representative present in their office next Friday, April
14th from 2:30-4pm for our visit.

Attached you will find move templates for relocating phone numbers and
computers.  I have highlighted in yellow the information that you will need
to provide.  Please also answer the following questions:

    * Will your organization need temporary space this summer?  Groups will
have to make an appeal  for swing space and the space will only be open
from 9-5pm weekdays this summer.  The default is that student groups will
*not* have access to office space this summer.  Student groups will get
access to their office on September 1st, 2006.
    * Is it okay to have your telephone  numbers forwarded directly to
voice mail this summer?
    * Does your organization have Commencement Activities?
All groups moving to Hilles will be provided with desks, tables, chairs,
and bookshelves.  Please use the attached spreadsheet (tab 3 ) to list any
furniture that you would like to relocate to Hilles.  All approvals to take
furniture will be made by the Office of Student Activities after we review
your office inventory next Friday.  We encourage you to use this move to
purge old equipment and furniture and to archive materials (we will provide
you with more information on archiving next Friday).

Boxes will be provided for your packing and the deadline for having all
materials packed is May 27th.  Please plan accordingly.

Again, I need this information by next Thursday, April 13th and for a
representative from the group to be in the organization's office next
Friday between 2:30-4pm.
Please let me know if you have any questions.


Paul J. McLoughlin II
Assistant Dean of Harvard College

Office of the Dean of Harvard College
University Hall, First Floor
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138

(617) 495-1558 phone
(617) 496-8268 facsimile
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