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Mon Apr 3 12:53:35 EDT 2006

Science Shindig at my place

tEp: A squid for what ails ya!

Friday 7th:


Science Smorgasbord!
The purple people at present! Come to TEP to spark, frost, sizzle and science
the night away! See the Very Large Capacitor Array, make Nanoparticles and


Sushi with Professors
Dine with the purple people and some of their favorite faculty fellows! Sushi
and Barbecue freshly prepared! Chat with the professors that are inspiring


Tekno Layzor Lightshow!
Come see the world famous Layzor Lightshow at tEp! Orchestrated to the beat
and bass of a different drum! Heralded as: "A Testament to the Photoelectric


Build your own USB Anything!
Come to TEP and learn to build a USB powered anything! Never soldered before?
We'll teach you! Strike while our irons are hot! Stretch 5 volts and 1000 mA
as far as they'll go!


Liquid Nitrogen Fun!
Found room next to the sushi and solder? How about Liquid Nitrogen ice cream!
Freeze what you find and find things to freeze!


Hot Tub with Boston Nightline
Soak in the Boston skyline whilst soaking in a hot tub on a five story high
roof. Wind down after a crazy day, and swap stories.

Saturday 8th:


More Fun with Liquid Nitrogen!

Thought you missed out on Friday Night? The LN2 comes back for you! Make
bizarre desserts, push materials to their limits, create gorgeous vapor


Hsin Hsin Chinese Dinner
Enjoy our favorite Chinese Dinnner! Bring a friend!


Rock and Roll Layzor Lightshow!
TEP's World Famous, homebrew Layzor Lightshow! An ocular specimen like no
other! Discover the poetry of R, G and B to the likes of Pink Floyd to the
White Stripes!


The Purple Party
What's purple in nature? Just about nothing. Eggplants? Blueberries....
sometimes? Monkey butts? Explore this this uncanny color! Come to the
Purple Party at tEp! Caffeine and sugar will be provided.


at tEp, 253 commonwealth ave


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