[HCS-D] layout and webdesign opportunity

Larissa Cavalcante lclima at fas.harvard.edu
Mon Oct 24 17:57:04 EDT 2005

If you're interested in layout or webdesign and want
           Recognition and Creative Control of your work,

                            Be a part of Bhumi!

Bhumi is an international development magazine that comes out each
semester with articles ranging from current issues to student hands on
experiences. Our mission is to inspire students to get involved and
empower them with resources to do so.

Our work philosophy goes along the same line: while having a well
defined theme, we respect the work of our staff and encourage them to
take on their own ideas. This is especialy true for our website and
layout which are a work in progress, assuring you creative liberty and
control and naturally, a work to present as your own once it's done.

If interested in:
- layout, please contact: li4 at fas.harvard.edu
- webdesign, please contact: damour at fas.harvard.edu

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