[HCS-D] Re: ACM programming contest -- tryouts 1:00 Sunday

Gregory Price gprice at hcs.harvard.edu
Fri Oct 7 13:39:41 EDT 2005

The ACM programming-contest tryouts are this Sunday,
from 1 to 5, in Maxwell-Dworkin.

If you'd like to participate, send the coach,
Bob Walton <walton at deas>, an email to let him know.

The contest is fun and a small commitment.
I enjoyed it my first two years;
you can only go to World Finals twice,
so now my old teammates and I have had
to step aside for you. =)  Come try it out.


PS - yeah, it's the same time as our migration meeting.
If you wanted to do both, speak up and we'll see
how immovable the latter is.  Or go to the planning lunch
in Quincy and leave in time for the contest.

On 10/4/05, Gregory Price <gprice at hcs.harvard.edu> wrote:
> Those of you who enjoy programming should come out
> this Sunday, the 9th, to try out for Harvard's team
> at the ACM programming contest.
> If you did the USA Computing Olympiad in high school,
> it's rather like that but a bit easier.
> The commitment if you make it is very low --
> a few practices in the fall leading up to
> preliminaries and regionals,
> and then if the team makes it to World Finals
> that'll be over spring break (usually)
> and there'll be a practice every week or two leading up to that.
> It's generally a light way to have some fun programming
> and to hang out with some other CS folks.
> Rather like HCS, in fact.
> The tryouts will be Sunday afternoon in Maxwell-Dworkin.
> Let me know if you're interested and I'll make sure you
> hear the details; there'll likely be another mail to this list, too.
> Or ask me any question about it; I joined my freshman year
> and we went to World Finals twice (once in Prague!).
> Greg

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